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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Day at the Beach, Carters Birthday and my iPhone Camera!

I love photography... I am ok at it, I have a good eye.... I mean come on I used to be a JC Penney's Photographer how much more can you want! I just do not have the discipline to set the camera to the correct settings or to really learn what is involved to take an AMAZING picture.... but I LOVE AMAZING pictures and envy those that can take them. I have cameras, but they are not always with me and like I said I usually opt for the auto setting anyways.

I used to take pictures of everything.... every holiday, special occasion or just cause I thought my kids were the cutest things on earth. I have boxes of prints to prove it. Lately I have just been lazy about it and I realized I was missing moments that I can never get back. A special moment, a smile, a beautiful bride or just goofing off.

The iPhone has now changed that for me and opened up a whole new world of photography, while limited in some respects (no real zoom or flash features) it has opened lots of other opportunities for me. I can instantly capture a moment (cause my phone pretty much is always within reach) I can take a picture of a flower or a vase and email it to my clients. I can use it to take a picture of something I need to remember like a haircut to show my stylist or something I want to remember to get for Christmas or something I want Mark to build =). And at weddings I can instantly post pictures of the weddings to Facebook or Twitter. I now have applications that allow me to take pictures in succession or with different lenses and a "kind of flash". They easily upload and can be tweaked more in photoshop. And what you don't like... trash!

These images I was able to take with my iphone this week and just plugged my phone in and uploaded.... I was still lazy and missed taking a picture of my girls in their Easter Dresses.... but I did get Carter and his birthday cake that my sister Wendy made. Whatever camera you choose... just remember to TAKE the pictures, you can never get those moments of your journey back. And get in the pictures no matter how you think you look...so you know you were a part of that journey.