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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


videoThis is a video MaryKate made to have me enter a contest to win a Camera. The video is for Epiphanie Camera Bags, they are gorgeous camera bags that are functional too. And MaryKate LOVES them! Check out her talent.... =)
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tara and Bosco

My first wedding of the New Year, with a twist!

Tara one of my most laid back, fun brides had a lot happen to her wedding during the planning of her big day. First off she did it from another state, which is a big undertaking by itself. Then somewhere in the planning, the Wedding Coordinator at Hotel Laguna was murdered! Yes, a gruesome story and having the honor of working with him a couple times before, he was a true professional and knew how to keep his brides happy! I am sure he is missed!

Then I ended up having to have surgery only 9 days before her wedding. She was such a trooper, worrying more about me than her wedding day. My team, as always, were the best, helping me more than ever and pulling off the whole install with out me. I have never missed an install of a wedding even once =( in the last 18 years! But Devon, Darcie, Mark, and Chris installed the whole thing. I was able to do the bouquets and boutonnieres from home, and then needed to rest! I was able to go later with Mark to pick up vases and peeked in on the reception. The picture above is what I saw when I walked in and I knew then, that the flowers were nice, but that these two were meant to dance! Spotting me across the room, the two of them came over and very generously thanked me. What a blessing to be a part of their day. I wish the beautiful "other Tara" and Bosco all the best!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Krissy Rocks the Reception

We have been working weddings as a family since Megan was 8 years old... that is her in the background in the black dress. Now 24 and still working the weddings with me when I need her. In the foreground in the other black dress is Krissy showing the older girls how it is done! Sometimes the whole family is involved in the wedding process, and we are invited to join the party. At Michelle and Justin's Wedding the girls hit the dance floor. So fun to see them having fun after working so hard setting up the wedding and headed into the clean up part of the day. MaryKate had already changed into her jeans. They are such troopers and such a help in making sure every detail is taken care of.
Pictures by Gabriel Ryan www.gabrielryan.net

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Megan and Dom's Wedding 8/23/2009

Every wedding we work on, well WE WORK and hard so our Bride has the best day! Megan's wedding we worked, worked and worked and not alone, so many people helped and then had to go get "pretty" quickly so they could enjoy the day.

Mark (her dad) made 35 white wood benches, it took weeks. We all painted them, my mom, my brother in law, my sister, Megan and Dom, Stacie, MaryKate, Krissy and more...ok not really me, but I had other things I worked on =0 We got rocks for the aisle... a lot of them 300 lbs worth. They were loaded in bags, loaded in the truck, placed carefully down the aisle and then reloaded. Huge ladders were used to hang flowers and lanterns from the tree, benches unloaded, placed and reloaded in the truck. Oh yeah THE TRUCK... we had to rent a huge truck, the biggest U-haul has... to load 35 benches, rocks, hooks, lanterns, flowers, centerpieces, paper lanterns, wine, sodas, pictures, party favors and things I am sure I have purged from my memory. It took a day to load with several strong men, then when the wedding was over we had only one hour to reload the truck and clean up. We went to rest thankfully that night at the hotel. The next day with only two hours to return the truck, Mark, Betty, Katie, Krissy and I alone... unloaded that truck! The benches so heavy, I went up the street and poached our neighbors gardner and asked him if he could help unload for cash... thankfully he did! So many would have come to help, but how could we ask on a Monday, after so much generosity had been shown to us the day before, that we just sucked it up and worked some more.

It would be weeks... before my house would be back to normal (almost =) Megan's old room still has wedding remnants... someday it will be my office. Thankfully MaryKate and Kristin have years before they get married and we can rest for now. From the deepest place in my heart I am thankful for my Mom, Devon, Diane, Darcie, Debbie, Chris, Ron, Kyle, Wendy, Mark's mom Betty, Mike, Gary, Travis, Alyssa, Don, Stacie, Megan H., Kristin and Justin, the groomsmen, and I am sure I am forgetting someone, for all the hard work, I love you all. The day was worth every ounce of work we put into it, we were blessed with a gorgeous day at the beach, watching our beautiful daughter get married to an amazing guy, surrounded by the most amazing family and friends, eating tacos and cupcakes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Megan and Dom

Some pictures of Megan and Dom getting ready for the Wedding!